Meeting Record

Meeting Record Regarding: Standards for the Management of Coal Combustion Residue Generated by Electric Power Producers

Date: 11 / 12 / 2009

Name Affiliation Client (if applicable)
Richard Kinch EPA  
Tom Gillis EPA  
Richard Mattick EPA  
Cortney Higgins OMB/OIRA  
Matthew Serda Mobile Abrasives, Inc.  
Bruce Haslerud Black Diamond Granules  
Dominic Mancini OMB/OIRA  
Kevin Neyland OMB/OIRA  
Jason Vekas US Minerals  
Tom Shaw HARSCO  
Sean Todd FPR  
David Kruse Opta Minerals, Inc.  

Meeting materials provided to OMB: PDF Information
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Document 4 (1 page, 54 kb)
Document 5 (2 pages, 75 kb)