Meeting Record

Meeting Record Regarding: Reconsideration of Final national Emissions Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants for Reciprocating Internal Combustion Engines Rule

Date: 1 / 11 / 2013

Name Affiliation Client (if applicable)
Wick Havens (via phone) Ozone Transport Commission  
Ali Mirzakhalili (via phone) Delaware Dept. of Natural Resources  
Dean Van Orden (via phone) Pennsylvania Dept. of Air Quality  
Bill O'Sullivan (via phone) New Jersey Dept. Of Environmental Protection  
Chris Salmi (via phone) New Jersey Dept. Of Environmental Protection  
Tad Aburn (via phone) Maryland Dept. of The Environment  
Bob Wayland (via phone) EPA/OAQPS  
Melanie King (via phone) EPA/OAQPS  
Paula Van Lare (via phone) EPA/OP  
Kevin Bromberg (via phone) Small Business Administration  
Cortney Higgins OMB/OIRA  
Jim Laity OMB/OIRA  
Dom Mancini OMB/OIRA