Meeting Record

Meeting Record Regarding: National Emission Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants for Hard and Decorative Chromium Electroplating, Chromium Anodizing, and Steel Pickling Residual Risk and Technology Review

Date: 8 / 3 / 2012

Name Affiliation Client (if applicable)
Cortney Higgins OMB/OIRA  
Chuck French - via phone EPA/OAQPS  
Kelly Rimer - via phone EPA/OAQPS  
Ann Johnson - via phone EPA/OP  
Stiven Foster CEQ  
Anna Yu CEQ  
Sarah Bresolin SBA, Advocacy  
Christian Richter TPG/NASF  
Jeff Hannopel The Policy Group, NASF  
Bruce Rodan OSTP  
Dominic Mancini OMB/OIRA  
Kevin Neyland OMB/OIRA  

Meeting material provided to OMB ( pages, kb) PDF Information
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Document 2 (13 pages, 1.54 mb)
Document 3 (22 pages, 1.31 mb)