Meeting Record

Meeting Record Regarding: National Emission Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants for Major Sources: Industrial, Commercial, and Institutional Boilers and Process Heaters; Proposed Reconsideration 

Date: 12 / 18 / 2012

Name Affiliation Client (if applicable)
Cortney Higgins OMB/OIRA  
Jim Epdinger (via phone) EPA/OAR  
David Rostker (via phone) SBA  
Bob Wayland (via phone) EPA/OAR  
Kevin Bromberg (via phone) SBA  
Bruce Rodan OSTP  
Anthony Reed ADM  
Stephen Gossett Eastman  
Johude Ruyter DuPont  
Life Jaege Bracewell Giuliani CIBO
Thomas Giaier Detriot Stoker Co.  
Rob Kaufmann KCPS  
Jake Kuhns Cargill  
Bob Bessettz CIBO  
Kevin Neyland OMB/OIRA  

Meeting material provided to OMB ( pages, kb) PDF Information
Document 1 (4 pages, 292 kb)
Document 2 (4 pages, 909 kb)
Document 3 (2 pages, 229 kb)