Meeting Record

Meeting Record Regarding: Flight and Duty Time Limitations and Rest Requirements Rule

Date: 09 / 13  / 2011

Name Affiliation Client (if applicable)
 Kristy Daphnis  OMB/OIRA  
 Rich Theroux  OMB/OIRA  
 Rebecca MacPherson  FAA  
 Mary Ellen Mellett  3407 Families  
 Denise Perry  3407 Families  
 Kevin Kuwik  3407 Families  
 Karen Eckert  3407 Families  
 Susan Bourque  3407 Families  
 John Kausner  3407 Families  
 Scott Maurer  3407 Families  
 Kimberly Nelson  OMB/OIRA  
 Kevin Neyland  OMB/OIRA  

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