The Budget Director’s Bottom Line: Thank You

Putting together the President’s Budget is no easy task—in a transition year, it’s particularly challenging.  Work that is usually done in six or eight months is done in six or eight weeks.  That we were able to put together a budget—while also working on the enactment and initial implementation of the Recovery Act—is a reflection of the dedication and quality of OMB’s career staff. (One of the most enjoyable parts of becoming OMB director is the opportunity to interact with the outstanding people who work here.)

Click here to see a list of all the OMB staff—from every level, across every office—who contributed to the FY 2010 Budget.  It’s through their analytical insight, long hours, and decades of cumulative knowledge and experience as public servants that we were able to turn the President’s vision for this country into the hard numbers and concrete proposals needed to make the Budget a reality.

Thank you to the fabulous OMB staff!

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