Introducing the SAVE Award

Some of the best ideas come from those working on the frontlines, so today OMB is launching the President's SAVE Award, a contest for federal employees to come up with the best idea to save taxpayer dollars and make the government perform more effectively and efficiently.  Federal employees will be able to submit their ideas, securely and confidentially, at  The deadline for submissions is Wednesday, October 14. The winner will meet with President Obama and have his or her idea incorporated into the FY 2011 Budget. (We also will recognize the agency with the highest participation rate so make sure your co-workers enter too!).
The SAVE Award is part of the President’s effort to change how business is conducted in Washington. It’s why he asked OMB to conduct a line-by-line review of the budget and issued a separate volume of $17 billion in terminations and reductions in this year’s budget; asked the Cabinet to identify hundreds of millions of dollars of administrative savings; and has undertaken a reform of how government contracting works, an effort that can save $40 billion over the next two years.
Overall, the SAVE Award will help us identify what works and what doesn’t, so taxpayer dollars are used in the most productive and effective way possible.
The SAVE Award will only work if federal employees take the time to enter. So if you’re a federal employee reading this right now at your desk, take the time to send us your idea. It only takes a few minutes, but the impact you can have on your agency and your country may last for years (and trust me, it’s cool to brief the President!).
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