Step Right Up

Last Friday marked the end of the first month of the OMB pedometer challenge.  As a team, we took a whopping 51,337,900 in the first month.  This is equivalent to walking almost 26,000 miles — over a thousand miles more than walking the full circumference of the earth.  Quite an accomplishment. 
Today, I am proud to announce the winners for the first month of the pedometer challenge. The award for highest stepper goes to James Laity, who took 894,098 steps in the first month (beating me by over a half a million steps). The team with the highest average steps was the Natural Resources Division, which took an average of 261,143 steps.
As you know, we are not just rewarding the top performers, but also the most improved.  To calculate improvement, we took the total steps at the end of week four and subtracted the total steps from the end of week 2 (the first full week).  The individual and group winners in this category were Thad Messenger, with a total of 681,599 steps, and the Director’s Office, with an average of 198,004 steps. 
I am excited about continuing this challenge and trying to improve my own performance (right now, I am ranked 60th). I also look forward to celebrating with our winners and using this challenge as an opportunity and reminder that although this is a busy time of year, it is important for all of us to stay active. 
Congratulations to all of our winners, and keep up the great work!    

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