The Team Is Set

This weekend, the Senate completed the OMB team when it confirmed Dan Gordon to lead the Office of Federal Procurement Policy (OFPP).  Dan brings more than two decades of professional contracting experience to OMB, having most recently served as Acting General Counsel at GAO.  He understands the President’s goal of improving the contracting system in order to provide the best value for taxpayers.  Dan will be at the center of this effort to deliver better value to the American people at a lower cost to the government’s bottom line.  
During his confirmation hearing, Dan talked about working to rebuild the American people’s confidence in the government’s ability to produce results.  It is a major challenge, but Dan and the team at OFPP are committed to helping agencies improve their performance and achieve the results that the American people expect.
Congratulations to Dan on his confirmation, and a special thanks to his partner, Paul Cadario, and to his family.  We’re glad to have you at OMB.

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