OIRA Dashboard Goes Live

Last week, as snow forced federal offices to close, OMB was hard at work opening up more of the Federal government – at least online. Today, we are debuting the OIRA Dashboard, an easy-to-use website that will allow people to track the progress of federal rules and regulations that have been submitted for interagency review and find other relevant information about the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs (OIRA). Putting this information online and in an accessible format is one of the ways that OMB is applying the principles of the Open Government Directive to rulemaking and regulatory policy.

Although OIRA already discloses a significant amount of information about the nature and status of regulations under review, the Dashboard will allow visitors to find and sort rules by agency, by length of review, by stage of rulemaking, and by economic significance. With the help of intuitive and graphical displays, the Dashboard will make it easier for people to identify the rule or category of rules they are interested in, and will allow them to monitor progress. Simply put, the Dashboard democratizes the data.

Regulations are one of the many "non-budget" activities that work to support the President’s priorities in areas such as environmental protection, highway safety, energy efficiency, homeland security, and education. Through the Dashboard, we add transparency to this important lever of policy – and we invite participation to strengthen accountability and effectiveness.

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