FY2009 Budget
  1. Addresses Immediate Economic Challenges
  2. Ensures Sustained Prosperity
  3. Keeps America Safe
  4. Balances the Budget by 2012

Addresses Immediate Economic Challenges

  • Includes a bipartisan economic growth package that spurs investment and strengthens the Nation’s economy.
  • Promotes and preserves the American dream of homeownership though education and assistance to combat foreclosures and maintain a stable, healthy housing market.

Ensures Sustained Prosperity

  • Makes tax relief permanent for long-term economic growth and sustainability.
  • Improves Americans’ access to affordable health care by fostering a private marketplace, encouraging competition and improving efficiency.
  • Builds on the success of the No Child Left Behind Act by supporting proposals to reauthorize and strengthen the law and increase our students’ competitiveness.
  • Keeps the U.S. the most innovative nation in the world by implementing the American Competitiveness Initiative.
  • Increases energy security by focusing on renewables, accelerating technological breakthroughs and expanding traditional sources to reduce our reliance on foreign oil.

Keeps America Safe

  • Supports the national defense and funding for America’s troops.
  • Enhances homeland security and terrorism prevention.
  • Promotes peace, democracy, and economic opportunity worldwide through diplomatic, development, and reconstruction activities and increased civilian capabilities.

Balances the Budget by 2012

  • Maintains proven pro-growth policies – keeping taxes low and restraining government spending – to ensure the deficit up-tick is temporary and manageable. 
  • Continues to address the long-term challenge of unsustainable entitlement spending.
  • Improves results of government programs and instills greater transparency so that taxpayer dollars are spent wisely, or not at all.
  • Introduces a new culture of accountability on wasteful earmarks.