Office of Federal Financial Management Financial Management System Architecture

  Financial Standards and Grants Branch
  Financial Analysis and Systems Branch
  Other Guidance

The Federal Financial Systems Branch is responsible for orchestrating all of the components of the government-wide financial system into a coherent, coordinated architecture. This branch is currently drafting an architectural plan showing all of the components and their relationships to each other.

These components include:

  • Agency financial management systems and JFMIP standards
  • The interfaces between agency financial management systems and other systems that support business processes (e.g., human resources systems, procurement systems, databases supporting performance management)
  • Common services, including e-Travel, e-Learning, Intra-governmental Transaction Exchange (IGTE), Contractor Central Registry (CCR), Intra-governmental Payment and Collection System (ECS), and Electronic Certification System (ESC)
  • Government-wide accounting and other data consolidation systems
  • Agency and OMB Budget formulation systems