November 21, 2003


FROM: Karen Evans
Administrator for E-Government, Information and Technology Policy
SUBJECT: Reporting Instructions for the E-Government Act of 2002


OMB issued guidance implementing the E-Government Act of 2002 on August 1, 2003 (M-03-18, "Implementation Guidance for the E-Government Act of 2002"). Pursuant to that guidance, this document provides agencies with the format for reporting to OMB (see Attachment B of M-03-18).


Agency reports are due from agency Chief Information Officers to OMB on December 15, 2003 and should be submitted electronically to Danny Costello..


If your staff has questions about this guidance, or OMB’s implementation of the provisions of the E-Government Act, please contact Danny Costello at (202) 395-7857.


Attachment (7 pages, 72 kb) PDF Information