Comments on Homeland Security Presidential Directive 12

Comments on Draft Agency Implementation
Guidance for Homeland Security
Presidential Directive 12

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On April 8, 2005, in a Federal Register notice [70 FR 18063], the Office of Management and Budget published a Notice of Draft Agency Implementation Guidance for Homeland Security Presidential Directive 12.

We received 27 sets of comments from Federal agencies, technology vendors and other organizations on the proposed guidance. In developing the final OMB Memorandum M-05-24, we considered all comments.

  1. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (48k)
  2. Mr. David Sulser (34k)
  3. Department of Defense (62k)
  4. Department of Education (14k)
  5. Department of Energy (21k)
  6. Department of Interior (17k)
  7. Department of Justice (34k)
  8. Department of Labor (11k)
  9. Department of State (60k)
  10. Department of the Treasury (24k)
  11. Department of Veterans Affairs (227k)
  12. Environmental Protection Agency (33k)
  13. Federal Bureau of Prisons (48k)
  14. Federal Partnership for Interoperable Communications (39k)
  15. General Services Administration (12k)
  16. Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (34k)
  17. Litronic (18k)
  18. National Archives and Records Administration (22k)
  19. National Aeronautics and Space Administration (22k)
  20. National Institute of Science and Technology (14k)
  21. Operational Research Consultants, Inc. (220k)
  22. Social Security Administration (52k)
  23. The Village Group (24k)
  24. US Agency for International Development (21k)
  25. United States Department of Agriculture (46k)
  26. World Privacy Forum (161k)
  27. United States Postal Service (13k)