Memorandum 10-26 Immediate Review of Financial Systems IT Projects

On June 28, 2010, the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) issued Memorandum 10-26, Immediate Review of Financial Systems IT Projects.  This Memorandum establishes government-wide policies associated with financial system modernizations.  These policies require Federal agencies to set the scope for financial system modernizations in a manner that reduces project costs, aligns projects more closely to top priority business needs, accelerates deployments, and improves the performance of the systems once deployed.

In order to execute this policy effectively, OMB, in consultation with the newly formed Financial Systems Advisory Board (FSAB) and the applicable Federal agency, is conducting a review of agency plans for financial modernizations to ensure consistency with the policies established in the Memorandum.  During this review period, Federal agencies will avoid investments in new contracts or task orders so that future investments reflect any potential changes to the financial system modernization plan resulting from the new policy.

At present, OMB anticipates that approximately 30 financial system projects will be reviewed for consistency with the new policy.  These are the core financial system projects at Treasury, HHS, DoD, DOC, DOT, DOE, DHS, HUD, VA, DOJ, DOI, EPA, OPM, USDA, SBA, NRC, DOL, Education, GSA, SSA, State/USAID, NASA, and NSF. Several agencies have more than one project.  In a limited number of cases, OMB, FSAB, and the applicable Federal agency are still determining whether certain systems appropriately fall within the scope of this review.

Below is a list of titles for projects that have been confirmed for review under the policies set forth in OMB Memorandum 10-26.

US Department of Agriculture Financial Management Modernization Initiative
Department of Commerce Commerce Business Systems
Department of Education Financial Management Support System
Department of Energy CFiManage
Environmental Protection Agency Financial Replacement System
Dept. Health and Human Services NIH Business System
Dept. Health and Human Services Healthcare Integrated General Ledger Accounting System
Dept. of Homeland Security Transformation and System Consolidation
Dept. Housing & Urban Development Integrated Financial Management Improvement Project
Department of Interior Financial and Business Management System
Department of Justice Unified Financial Management System
Department of Labor New Core Financial Management System
Department of State Joint Financial Management System
Department of Transportation Delphi
Department of Treasury: IRS Integrated Financial System/CORE Financial System
Department of Treasury: BPD Oracle e-Business Suite
Department of Veterans Affairs Financial and Logistics Integrated Technology Enterprise
National Science Foundation Financial Accounting System
Office of Personnel Management Consolidated Business Information System
Small Business Administration Oracle Administrative Accounting

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