Memoranda 00-03 -- Reporting Y2K Compliance of Non-mission Critical Systems

November 10, 1999



FROM: Jacob J. Lew
SUBJECT: Reporting Y2K Compliance of Non-mission Critical Systems

As we complete the work of making our mission critical systems Y2K compliant, we need to assure that we continue to make progress on our other systems. In OMB Memorandum 99-21, "Revised Reporting Guidance on Year 2000 Efforts" (August 6, 1999) we asked for a description of progress in assuring that non-mission critical systems are compliant.

As part of this description of progress in your November 15th report, please include the total number of non-mission critical systems in your agency and the number which are now Y2K compliant. Also indicate the date for which you expect your last non-mission critical system to become Y2K compliant. Finally, provide any other information about the status of your non-mission critical systems that you believe would be helpful to our understanding of the progress you have made.

Thank you for your continued work and cooperation in this critical effort. It is vital that we continue to work closely together on this problem as January approaches.


Selected Agencies

Department of Agriculture
Department of Commerce
Department of Defense
Department of the Air Force
Department of the Army
Department of the Navy
Department of Education
Department of Energy
Department of Health and Human Services
Department of Housing and Urban Development
Department of the Interior
Department of Justice
Department of Labor
Department of State
Department of Transportation
Department of the Treasury
Department of Veterans Affairs
Environmental Protection Agency
National Aeronautics and Space Administration
Social SecurityAdministration
Agency for International Development
Central Intelligence Agency
Federal Emergency Management Agency
General Services Administration
National Science Foundation
Nuclear Regulatory Commission
Office of Personnel Management
Small Business Administration