Office of Federal Procurement Policy Sustainable Acquisition

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Question #1:  What is meant by sustainable acquisition?

Answer:  Sustainable acquisition means acquiring goods and services in order to create and maintain conditions –

  1. Under which humans and nature can exist in productive harmony; and
  2. That permits fulfilling the social, economic, and other requirements of present and future generations.

Question #2:  What are the requirements that promote green purchasing of products and services?

Answer:  In the development of purchase requests and solicitations, agencies must comply with the following requirements:

Question #3:  What role does using UNICOR, AbilityOne, and all types of small businesses play in our ability to accomplish the agency mission?

Answer:  These sources are able to effectively meet a wide range of agency needs for green products and services. Contracting officers are encouraged to confer with their Small Business Specialist for further information on their agency’s progress in meeting small business goals.

Agencies are not expected to eliminate legitimate green purchasing requirements from their needs descriptions if known nonprofit entities or small businesses are unable to satisfy these requirements.  In the event no available sources can meet the requirement, the agency should seek other suitable sources of green products and services without obtaining a purchase exception.

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