Peer Review and Public Comments

Peer Review and Public Comments
on the
2008 Draft Report to Congress
on the Costs and Benefits of Federal Regulations

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Peer Reviewers

  1. Robert Hahn, AEI Center for Regulatory and Market Studies (26 pages, 244 kb)
  2. Winston Harrington, Resources for the Future (3 pages, 53 kb)
  3. Richard Morgenstern, Resources for the Future (1 page, 12 kb)

Public Comments

  1. Adrian Van Den Hoven, BUSINESSEUROPE; and Sean Heather, US Chamber of Commerce (2 pages, 359 kb)
  2. Jim Tozzi, Center for Regulatory Effectiveness (1 page, 48 kb)
  3. Richard Belzer, Regulatory Checkbook (27 pages, 1,126 kb)