Office of National Drug Control Policy

Archived News Releases



June 27, 2011
Readout of White House Drug Policy Director Kerlikowske Meeting with Appalachian Leaders

June 23, 2011
Statement from White House Drug Policy Director on the Release of the U.N. 2011 World Drug Report Citing "Massive Declines" in U.S. Cocaine Market

June 20, 2011
White House Drug Policy Director Designates Eight New Counties as High Intensity Drug Trafficking Areas

June 16, 2011
UPDATE: New Data Show Cocaine Market Remains Under Significant Stress

June 16, 2011
Statement from White House Drug Policy Director on Release of the National Prevention Strategy

June 15, 2011
Majority of Adult Males Arrested in 10 U.S. Cities Test Positive for Illegal Drugs At Time of Arrest

June 2, 2011
Statement on Global Commission Report on Drug Policy


May 25, 2011
Attorney General and White House Drug Policy Director Attend Opening of Women's Re-entry Program

May 13, 2011
Statement from White House Drug Policy Director Gil Kerlikowske on Georgia's New Prescription Drug Monitoring Law


April 19, 2011
Obama Administration Releases Action Plan to Address National Prescription Drug Abuse Epidemic


March 29, 2011
Director Kerlikowske Highlights Obama Administration Support for Military Families and Veterans During Visit to Buffalo, NY

March 25, 2011
United Nations' Economic and Social Council, Commission on Narcotic Drugs Passed Resolution Concerning Drugged-Driving Prevention

March 24, 2011
Statement from Director Gil Kerlikowske Regarding Dramatic Rise in Ecstasy-Related Emergency Room Visits

March 22, 2011
Statement From Director Kerlikowske Regarding Appointment of Christopher Kennedy Lawford as U.N. Goodwill Ambassador

March 22, 2011
Readout of Director Kerlikowske's Participation at United Nations Global Drug Conference

March 21, 2011
Director Kerlikowske Meets with Swedish Counterdrug Officials; Cites Sweden's Drug Control Policies as Model for U.S.

March 3, 2011
Readout Of White House Drug Policy Director's Meeting With the Prescription Drug Monitoring Plan Foundation

March 2, 2011
Obama Administration Requests Over $10 Billion for Demand Reduction Programs to Reduce Drug Consumption in the United States

March 1, 2011
Statement From Director Kerlikowske Regarding Release of the White House Council Report on Women and Girls


February 23, 2011
Statement From Director Kerlilowske Regarding Operation "Pill Nation"

February 22, 2011
Director Kerlikowske on National Institutes of Health Study Regarding Effectiveness of National Youth Anti-Drug Media Campaign

February 1, 2011
Statement from Director on Synthetic Stimulants, a.k.a "Bath Salts"


January 24, 2011
Statement From Director Kerlikowske On Release Of Obama Administration Military Families Report

January 18, 2011
ONDCP and SAMHSA Accepting Applications for $9.35 Million To Bolster Drug-Free Community Prevention and Education Efforts

January 18, 2011
Readout of White House Drug Policy Director Gil Kerlikowske's Meeting with Colombian President Juan Santos

January 6, 2011
New Data Reveal Doubling of Emergency Department Visits Involving Pharmaceutical Abuse



December 22, 2010
Statement on the Passage of Northern Border Drug Control Legislation

December 14, 2010
Statement from Director Kerlikowske on Concerning Rise in Youth Drug Use

December 9, 2010
New Data Show Cocaine Market Under Significant Stress

December 8, 2010
Director Urges Support for Americans in Recovery from Addiction During the Holiday Season


November 30, 2010
One in Three Fatally Injured Drivers Tested Positive for Drugs

November 24, 2010
Statement Regarding DEA Emergency Scheduling Authority on "Synthetic Marijuana" (Spice)

November 23, 2010
Readout Of Oregon Prescription Drug Abuse Summit

November 18, 2010
Director Highlights Progress in Combating Southwest Border Drug Threats

November 17, 2010
Statement from Director Regarding FDA Action on Caffeinated Alcoholic Beverages

November 16, 2010
Minority Teens Using Drugs At Higher Rates

November 10, 2010
Director Kerlikowske's Visit To Military Veterans' Drug Treatment Center In New York City

November 3, 2010
Statement on Proposition 19 in California


October 21, 2010
Readout of Bilateral Presidential Commission Working Group Meeting on Counternarcotics

October 14, 2010
Teens Using Marijuana At Younger Ages

October 7, 2010
White House Drug Policy Director Urges Parents To Take Action To Prevent Youth Drug Use


September 30, 2010
U.S. Drug Policy Director Commends Passage of the Secure and Responsible Drug Disposal Act of 2010

September 25, 2010
White House Drug Policy Director Attends Prescription Take-Back Event

September 22, 2010
Obama Administration Official Urge Immediate Action to Reduce Prescription Drug Diversion, Abuse

September 16, 2010
White House Drug Policy Director Issues Statement on National Drug Survey


August 31, 2010
White House Drug Policy Director Awards $85.6 Million To Local Communities To Prevent Youth Drug Use

August 24, 2010
Nine Counties Receive Federal Designation To Fight Drug Trafficking


July 28, 2010
Congress Passes Monumental Fair Sentencing Act and Restores Fairness to Cocaine Sentencing

July 22, 2010
Obama Administration Officials Highlight New Approach to Drug Control Policy Before Congress

July 15, 2010
New Data Reveal 400% Increase in Substance Abuse Treatment Admissions for People Abusing Prescription Drugs

July 1, 2010
Administration Officials Meet With Innovators in the Recovery Field to Discuss the Value of Peer Recovery Support


June 30, 2010
National Drug Control Policy Director Outlines Plan of Action to Address Fast-Growing Problem of Prescription Drug Abuse

June 22, 2010
David K. Mineta Confirmed as ONDCP Deputy Director of Demand Reduction

June 22, 2010
Benjamin B. Tucker Confirmed as ONDCP Deputy Director of State, Local and Tribal Affairs

June 22, 2010
Drug Control, Traffic Safety, and Police Officials Join Race Driver Sarah Fisher to Increase Awareness of Drugged Driving on Nation’s Roads

June 15, 2010
Obama Administration Welcomes Mayors’ Support for Drug Control Strategy


May 26, 2010
White House Drug Policy Director Honors National Drug Court Month

May 11, 2010
President Obama Releases National Strategy To Reduce Drug Use and Its Consequences


April 30, 2010
Director Visits Morehouse School of Medicine To Discuss Substance Abuse Prevention, Intervention, and Treatment

April 28, 2010
White House Drug Czar Launches Ad Campaign To Combat Methamphetamine Use in Indian Country

April 14, 2010
Drug Policy Director Cites New Direction in National Drug Policy


March 24, 2010
White House Drug Policy Director Hails Success of Phoenix Area Prevention, Treatment, and Recovery Programs

March 12, 2010
ONDCP Promotes International Cooperation on Drug Issues at United Nations Global Drug Conference

March 3, 2010
U.S. Drug Control Director Sees Collaborative International Effort To Address Worldwide Threat of Drug Production, Trafficking, and Use


February 23, 2010
U.S. and Mexico Agree to Execute Priority Drug Demand Reduction Programs

February 23, 2010
More than $1.1 Million in Grants Available for Community-Based Drug Prevention Coalitions

February 17, 2010
Administration Officials Celebrate Opening of Knoxville Reentry and Recovery Center for Women

February 4, 2010
Statement from U.S.-Russia Bilateral Presidential Commission Drug Trafficking Working Group

February 3, 2010
White House Drug Policy Director Hails Expansion of Insurance Coverage for Addiction Treatment

February 1, 2010
Administration's FY 2011 Budget Proposal Demonstrates Balanced Approach to Drug Control


January 22, 2010
White House Officials to Help Break Ground on New Transitional Housing Facility for Homeless Female Veterans

January 18, 2010
White House Drug Policy Director Leads Volunteer Effort at Residential Treatment Center for Women and Children

January 5, 2010
Seeking Treatment a Positive New Year's Resolution



December 14, 2009
New National Teen Drug Study Offers Warning Signs for the Future, Reports Improvement in Some Drug Use Trends

December 9, 2009
ONDCP Deputy Director Thomas McLellan Receives Founder's Award From American Association of Addiction Psychiatry

December 3, 2009
A better-targeted drug fight


November 23, 2009
ONDCP Launches Awareness Campaign on Holiday Challenges for Americans in Recovery from Addiction


September 24, 2009
Director Meets with Top Russian Drug Control Official on Drug Enforcement and Demand Reduction Efforts

September 10, 2009
National Survey Findings Reveal Declines in Prescription Drug Misuse and Signs of Emerging Drug Abuse Trends


August 27, 2009
Experts Help Increase Focus on Substance Abuse Prevention and Treatment

August 27, 2009
Drug Czar Awards $21 Million To Local Community Coalitions Addressing Youth Substance Use

August 19, 2009
White House Drug Czar Warns Drugged Driving is a Threat to Public Safety

August 17, 2009
U.S. Drug Czar Awards $60 Million To 565 Drug-Free Communities Continuation Grantees

August 10, 2009
A. Thomas McLellan Sworn in as Deputy Director of ONDCP; Senate Confirmed Addiction Treatment Researcher Brings 35 Years Experience to Drug Policy Office


July 9, 2009
Director of National Drug Control Policy Testifies on National Strategy to Reduce Drug Trafficking and Flow of Bulk Cash and Weapons Across Southwest Border


June 5, 2009
Obama Administration Announces National Strategy to Reduce Drug Trafficking and Flow of Bulk Cash and Weapons Across Southwest Border


May 28, 2009
New Study Reveals Scope of Drug and Crime Connection

May 20, 2009
Prescription Opioid-related Deaths Increased 114 Percent from 2001 to 2005, Treatment Admissions Up 74 Percent in Similar Period; Young Adults Hardest Hit

May 14, 2009
New Report Finds Highest Levels of THC in U.S. Marijuana to Date


March 9, 2009
$1.2 Million in Mentoring Grants Available to 16 American Communities


February 4, 2009
Regional Workshops to Assist Potential Grant Applicants