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Establish Interagency Task Force on Drug Endangered Children
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The Drug Endangered Children (DEC) national movement emerged as a multidisciplinary response to children exposed to drug use, trafficking, and/or narcotics manufacturing and who are often victims of physical, sexual, and/or emotional abuse; neglect; and drug-related violence.

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Considering the serious risks to the health and safety of drug endangered children, there is a need to support the creation of a DEC infrastructure and increase capacity development at the State, local, and tribal levels. A new Interagency Task Force on Drug Endangered Children will be formed to support the identification of model protocols, programming, and best practices, including the development and implementation of a national multidisciplinary training program to assist States, local, and tribal governments in identifying, responding to, and providing services for drug endangered children. In addition, the new Task Force will identify other tools, protocols, or programs that may assist in protecting children. By establishing these tools and promoting their use under its current authorities, DOJ and all partners will be better able to rescue, protect, and serve the most vulnerable victims of drug-related crimes.

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