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Develop National Parcel Post Initiative
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There is little doubt that a significant amount of illegal drugs moves through our public and private mail systems.

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This is a particular problem with prescription drugs, which are easily mixed in with large-scale legitimate mailings. Considering the huge volume of packages, domestic and international, that are transited throughout the 50 States, this threat poses a difficult challenge and overwhelms the limited manpower now focused on examining these packages. Nonetheless, new technologies combined with investigatory efforts hold promise to curtail this problem. The HIDTA program currently funds some parcel post operations that have netted numerous seizures across the country. One obstacle with this project is the coordination needed for these types of investigations. Federal agencies need to support State and local agencies with these types of investigations, given the multijurisdictional boundaries involved for State and local partners. DHS will partner with HIDTA and DEA in 2010 to develop a new initiative to first analyze how this challenge can best be met on a national scale and then to launch pilot initiatives at several locations.

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