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Coordinate With Global Partners To Prevent Synthetic Drug Production and Precursor Chemical Diversion
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Through partnership with chemical-producing countries such as China and India and through the initiatives of the INCB and the United Nations’ Commission on Narcotic drugs (CND), significant progress has been made in addressing diversion of chemicals used to produce methamphetamine and other drugs.

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It is important to build on this progress and continue to curtail illegal drug production through international investigations such as Operation Ice Block. In January 2008, law enforcement agencies from 54 countries took part in this operation, which sought to gather further intelligence on how methamphetamine precursors are getting into clandestine laboratories and to identify links between involved trafficking organizations. Operation Ice Block focused on licit trade patterns and diversion routes identified by the INCB and was based on the tracking of individual shipments. The operation generated important intelligence on trafficking methods and organizations and identified weaknesses in control mechanisms in a number of countries and regions. These international operations, for which DEA is lead for the United States, should be maintained and expanded to address international precursor chemical diversion.

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