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Work With Partner Nations and OAS/CICAD To Strengthen Counterdrug Institutions in the Western Hemisphere
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The United States will actively cooperate with those partner nations that are most directly victimized by drug production that flows toward the United States, that are most at risk from international drug-trafficking organizations, and that are committed to counterdrug efforts and the rule of law.

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United States outreach will also occur through regional organizations such as OAS/CICAD, where the United States has been elected to a 1-year term as chair for the first time in the OAS’s history. There are several unique regional challenges that can be addressed effectively through a regional response. One example is controlling the movement of precursor chemicals used to produce illicit drugs such as methamphetamine. Mexico’s successful ban on methamphetamine precursors, combined with international interdiction efforts, has forced trafficking groups to seek new smuggling routes from as close as Belize to as far away as Argentina, pointing to the need for coordinated regional action.

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