Office of National Drug Control Policy

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Conduct Joint Counterdrug Operations With International Partners
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The key to countering international drug trafficking is a concerted and synchronized approach to identifying the ever-changing vulnerabilities inherent to drug production and trafficking organizations.

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Once identified, vulnerabilities must be exploited rapidly and intelligently through coordinated action. An example of coordinated strategic counternarcotics action is DEA’s International Drug Flow Attack Strategy (DFAS). The primary objective of DFAS is to cause major disruptions in the flow of drugs, money, and chemicals between the Source Zone and the United States. This effort complements and enhances the overall impact of the interagency Transit Zone operations described below. DOJ/DEA, in coordination with DOD/JIATFS, DHS/USCG, CBP, State Department (including Country Teams led by U.S. Ambassadors), and other Federal departments and agencies, will continue to lead these important operations and work to maximize their impact.

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