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Revamp and Reenergize the National Youth Anti-Drug Media Campaign
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Influencing youth attitudes toward drugs is an important part of preventing drug use. Because the current media environment of youth includes pro-drug content that normalizes drug use,

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it is critical that anti-drug messages be delivered in the media to neutralize these influences. Any effort to achieve this goal must recognize that youth now engage with media in radically different ways than before. In consultation with national experts in media, marketing, and technology, the Obama Administration is dramatically changing the ONDCP National Youth Anti-Drug Campaign to respond to changes in the media. This effort builds on the strength of the Campaign’s  “Above the Influence” brand, which encourages teens to reject drugs and other negative influences in their lives and has successfully achieved more than 80-percent awareness among youth, on par with mega-brands such as Burger King®, Coca-Cola®, and Nike. On average, the “Above the Influence” website receives 800,000 visits a month. The revamped Campaign will increase its emphasis on teen-centric television, print, and digital media and place more relevant content on teen destination websites. It will also be tailored to high-risk youth populations who suffer disproportionally from drug problems.

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