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Engage Faith-Based and Neighborhood Community Organizations To Prevent Drug-Related Crime
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The faith-based community and other neighborhood partnerships are traditional pillars of support for drug prevention and treatment efforts.

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  They are a powerful force of change for millions of Americans, yet they also remain an untapped resource in many communities to prevent and reduce drug-related crime. The Office of Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships (OFBNP), in coordination with ONDCP, will work with community-based nonprofit organizations to identify funding streams and areas of possible collaboration.  For example, one way we can engage in reducing drug-related crime is for organizations to act as catalysts for positive opportunities in a community. OFBNP and the Administration of Children and Families offered $50 million in Recovery Act funding for a Strengthening Communities Fund to build the capacity of nonprofit organizations, whether secular or faith-based, to address the broad economic recovery issues present in their communities, including helping low-income individuals secure and retain employment, earn higher wages, obtain better-quality jobs, and gain greater access to Federal and State benefits and tax credits. This is just one novel mechanism for strengthening communities, as faith-based and other neighborhood partnerships have multiple roles to play in the community.  In addition, faith-based organizations have played major roles in Drug Market Interventions (see section 1A), as faith and community leaders remain powerful influences for positive change. Similarly, fraternities and sororities on college campuses remain potential partners for community change.

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