Office of National Drug Control Policy

ONDCP Excel Ninety-Fifth

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Build the Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice Capacities of Source Countries in the Western Hemisphere to Sustain Progress Against Illicit Drug Production and Trafficking
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The United States has long cooperated with Colombia and Peru on interdiction, eradication, and alternative development programs, while helping to build critical capabilities within the security forces required to exercise state control in remote, under-governed areas where coca and poppy are cultivated and processed.

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Colombia and Peru have experienced significant success (see update on Plan Colombia) due primarily to their own historic efforts, but assisted by resources and expertise provided by the United States. With the latest data showing a significant disruption of the cocaine market in the United States and a notable decrease in Andean coca and opium poppy cultivation, these successful efforts in reducing the production and trafficking of Andean cocaine must be maintained. Although United States interdiction programs with Bolivia have been largely suspended at the request of their government, the State Department is maintaining some alternative development efforts and remains open to resuming broader anti-drug cooperation at a later date.

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