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Strengthen Strategic Partnerships With Mexico
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Drug-trafficking organizations based largely in Mexico, but operating throughout the Western Hemisphere, have garnered huge financial returns from the illicit drug trade.

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These trafficking groups engage in violence targeting both government forces and their rivals. The Government of Mexico has responded with tremendous resolve and commitment to directly counter drug-trafficking organizations. The United States, as the primary market for drugs transiting Mexico, must be a full partner in this effort. Achieving domestic drug use reduction goals listed earlier in this Strategy will help meet the United States’ responsibilities. In addition, the Strategy strongly supports the continuation of the Merida Initiative—primarily a United States-Mexico partnership initiated in 2007. This intensified bilateral collaboration incorporates an array of activities and programs, including the United States-Mexico Demand Reduction Bi-National Conference held on February 23–25, 2010, in Washington D.C., which fostered collaboration on prevention and treatment initiatives. As a result of the Merida Initiative, the United States and Mexico are engaged in unprecedented levels of two-way information sharing, collaboration on sensitive cases, and joint planning. Bilateral mechanisms already in place to address challenges such as weapons trafficking and bulk cash smuggling also will be used to dismantle the drug-trafficking organizations that continually exploit the border.

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