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Develop a Community Early Warning and Monitoring System That Tracks Substance Use and Problem Indicators at the Local Level
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National indicators may bear little resemblance to what is happening in any individual community.

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Meanwhile, many measures available at the local level (e.g., drug-related arrests and incarcerations; drug-related hospital admissions and emergency department visits; drug-related school accidents or punishments) are not fully captured in national data sets, impairing ability to detect emerging problems in particular states or regions. Led by SAMHSA, and with extensive input from NIDA and the many other Federal agencies that participate in ONDCP’s Interagency Working Group Data Committee, the Administration will develop a new Community Early Warning and Monitoring System. This system will develop a national model for capturing community-level data that not only fill in the gaps in national policy-level information but also serve to identify regional and local drug problems. This system will be designed to serve as a near real-time drug information network that warns of emerging drug threats and provides ongoing information on the effectiveness of drug control policies and programs.

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