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Sustain Support for the Drug and Alcohol Services Information System
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DASIS consists of two data sets: the Treatment Episode Data Set (TEDS) and the National Survey on Substance Abuse Treatment Services (N-SSATS).

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TEDS provides State-compiled data recorded at admission to specialty treatment programs. N-SSATS is also reported directly by treatment programs and provides data on the location, characteristics, services offered, and utilization of substance abuse treatment providers. Data from the latter are used to populate SAMHSA’s web-based Substance Abuse Treatment Locator, which helps Americans locate the services they need. TEDS provides useful data on the population of annual treatment admissions for substance abuse. This information has been useful for planning state-level treatment responses to changes in the demand for treatment such as the recent rise in admissions for treatment for marijuana and for opiate prescription pain relievers. SAMHSA will work with ONDCP to sustain DASIS and increase the speed with which makes its data available.

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