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Target the Illicit Finances of Drug-Trafficking Organizations
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Profits are what drive the illegal drug trade and what tie drug trafficking to other transnational threats, including international organized crime and terrorism.

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The United States must marshal its resources in a coordinated fashion to target illegal revenue streams of all kinds. The United States must also engage the international community in major anti-money-laundering and anti-cartel profit initiatives. Traffickers have updated their methods for moving money around the globe. They have turned to using stored value cards and other new mechanisms to evade law enforcement, but also rely on traditional money exchange systems while they continue to smuggle large amounts of bulk cash. International terrorist organizations often engage in drug-related money-laundering or cash-smuggling operations to generate funds for their operations. Thus, efforts to address illicit finance must include a focus on the drug-terror nexus. United States agencies have developed an array of techniques to target illicit finance. These efforts, which include regulatory initiatives and the highly effective targeted sanctions and financial enforcement actions led by the Treasury, must be further intensified and expanded. United States agencies should assess the current approach and look for opportunities to update and expand these efforts, including developing a comprehensive national threat finance plan of action.

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