Office of National Drug Control Policy

ONDCP Excel Seventy-First

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Ensure Comprehensive Review of Domestic Drug Threat
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Drug trends can vary considerably from state to state or city to city. However, a national strategic analysis focusing on the impact of the drug trade can provide a clear and helpful guide in setting the Nation’s agenda among many competing priorities.

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Thus the National Drug Intelligence Center (NDIC) is directed to update the National Drug Threat Assessment, drawing on the expertise, knowledge, and data of both law enforcement and interdiction agencies (e.g., DEA, FBI, ATF, DOD, ICE, USCG, and CPB) and prevention, treatment, and research organizations (e.g., NIDA, SAMHSA, CDC, OJP). This updated assessment will assist ONDCP in reporting on implementation of this Strategy and in developing the 2011 update on the Strategy.

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