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Implement the Southwest Border Counternarcotics Strategy
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On June 5, 2009, Attorney General Holder, DHS Secretary Napolitano, and ONDCP Director Kerlikowske released the Southwest Border Strategy, which aims to stem the flow of illegal drugs and their illicit proceeds across the southwest border and reduce associated crime and violence in the region.

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It directs Federal agencies to increase coordination and information sharing with State and local law enforcement agencies, intensifies national efforts to interdict the south-bound flow of weapons and bulk currency, and calls for continued close collaboration with the Government of Mexico in their efforts against the drug cartels. The Southwest Border Strategy is an important component of the Administration’s national drug control policy and complements comprehensive efforts to respond to threats along the border. This Southwest Border Strategy, the product of a collaborative interagency effort led by the DHS Office of Counternarcotics Enforcement (CNE) and DOJ’s Office of the Deputy Attorney General at the direction of ONDCP, shall be fully implemented.

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