Office of National Drug Control Policy

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Disrupt Surveillance Operations of Drug-Trafficking Organizations
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Disrupt Surveillance Operations of Drug-Trafficking Organization(s)(DTO): Drug traffickers dedicate significant resources to monitor enforcement operations of United States agencies.

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On the southwest border, for example, they employ large numbers of strategically placed “spotters” or lookouts, who closely observe activities of CBP officers, canine teams and enforcement operations to provide intelligence to DTO(s). In the drug Transit Zone, there are similar occurrences with the usage of small recreational vessels and fishing vessels as lookouts for DTOs attempting to smuggle contraband passed through U.S. and partner nation air and maritime assets. The information gathered by DTO surveillance is used to determine the most opportune time and location to attempt illicit activities including drug smuggling operations. DTO(s) also are using advanced technology to intercept law enforcement communications. Systematic efforts to attack and disrupt these deliberate counter-enforcement capabilities are constantly being explored and implemented.

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