Office of National Drug Control Policy

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Deny Use of Ports of Entry and Routes of Ingress and Egress Between the Ports
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This Strategy and previous Executive Branch efforts have focused on the vulnerabilities of our southwestern and northern land borders.

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As additional personnel, technology, and infrastructure are deployed to the land border, the threat to our air and maritime borders may increase. Air and maritime ports represent a unique challenge with regard to drug-related threats, considering the large volume of cargo and personnel that move through these ports each day. Traffickers have long sought to exploit this vulnerability, and intensified control efforts by United States agencies are necessary. Especially in the jurisdictions near our POEs, State, local, and tribal law enforcement and fusion centers should be provided with regularly updated information on smuggling/concealment methods and techniques. DHS will develop plans in 2010 to better control drug smuggling through these ports and engage with State, local, and tribal partners to improve current outcomes, particularly with respect to activity that may take place between the ports.

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