Office of National Drug Control Policy

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Ensure State and Local Law Enforcement Access to Federal Information on Mexico-Based Traffickers
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Federal agencies, often working in close partnership with Mexico, have produced a large volume of information about Mexico-based drug-trafficking organizations.

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This information must be kept up to date and shared if it is to be used effectively against drug-trafficking organizations. However, this information often resides in different databases. Federal agencies must combine this information and make it available to authorized State, local, and tribal law enforcement so they might benefit from the information gathered. These same local partners should have the ability to add information to this pooled database. Information-sharing architecture is required that will allow State, local, and tribal fusion centers to contribute information on drug-trafficking organizations and drug-related violent crime so that the information can be accessed by all of those with a need to know and be made available rapidly for operational and strategic purposes. DOJ will work with DHS, Treasury, and ONDCP/HIDTA to ensure that information from Federal databases that include relevant data on Mexico-based trafficking organizations is accessible to State and local law enforcement officers who work on these issues.

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