Office of National Drug Control Policy

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Develop Ex-Offender Adult Reentry Programs
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Reentry courts are designed to extend the specific, proven practices of drug courts to the management of drug-related offenders being released from incarceration back into the community from a correctional setting.

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It is envisioned that in states where the judiciary has statutory or regulatory authority over offenders upon release (e.g., in states where postincarceration probation or parole are under the authority of the judiciary or where the judiciary can extend supervision beyond prison release, such as split sentencing), reentry courts are attractive, feasible, and ultimately cost effective. Reentry courts should also incorporate the graduated, immediate sanctions and other interventions used by drug courts and related programs with the clinical case management, treatment, housing, and employment services necessary to move these individuals into community recovery. The Administration will continue to fund reentry courts for this population.

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