Office of National Drug Control Policy

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Maximize Federal Support for Drug Law Enforcement Task Forces
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Federal funding for drug law enforcement task forces enables State and local law enforcement agencies to participate in joint investigations, promotes local and regional coordination, and helps to minimize duplication of effort.

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There are many Federal agencies that support task forces, including DOJ, DHS, Treasury, and ONDCP. DOJ, for example, uses prosecutor-led, multiagency task forces sponsored through its Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Force (OCDETF) Program to target drug-trafficking organizations for dismantlement and disruption consistent with the Strategy. These task forces leverage the expertise and resources of the participating Federal, State, and local agencies in a cooperative, coordinated effort against these criminal organizations. DHS leads 17 Border Enforcement Security Task Forces, which leverage Federal, State, local, tribal, and foreign law enforcement resources to identify, disrupt, and dismantle organizations that seek to exploit vulnerabilities in United States borders. Federal agencies are directed to identify ways to enhance State and local participation in Federal drug-enforcement task forces. This can include finding opportunities for efficiencies by reducing duplication of effort within existing fusion centers through co-location or consolidation and better coordination of requests to State, local, and tribal partners to participate in task forces.

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