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Enhance Health Care Providers’ Skills in Screening and Brief Intervention
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Unfortunately, a majority of physicians and other health care providers have not been trained and do not feel adequately prepared to provide care for substance use disorders.

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This lack of knowledge reduces providers’ enthusiasm for adopting SBIRT. To address this educational and training deficit, HHS agencies will collaborate to provide training in SBIRT to health care providers throughout the country, particularly in the IHS and in Community Health Centers. SAMHSA will support this effort by developing a Physician Clinical Support System (PCSS) to increase health care providers’ knowledge about addiction and the evidence-based treatments for substance dependence. NIDA will contribute by disseminating curricula on substance use disorders to medical schools around the United States. The goal of these efforts is to equip primary care physicians and other health care providers to screen for, diagnose, and treat a broad range of substance use disorders.

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