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Expand Prescription Drug Monitoring Programs and Promote Links Among State Systems
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States that have developed prescription drug monitoring programs—either on their own or with Federal support—have tended to follow one of two approaches.

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  Some monitoring systems are more oriented toward criminal justice purposes (e.g., arresting individuals operating “pill mills” under the guise of pain clinics), whereas others are tailored more to clinical care purposes (e.g., preventing adverse medication interactions).  ONDCP will convene interested agencies and State prescription drug monitoring program officials (HHS, DOJ/DEA; American Medical Association, American Pharmacists Association) to develop a harmonized version that combines the best features of both approaches.  The goal is to have one system that can be easily used by all parties and will maintain appropriate confidentiality safeguards for patients.  Once a standardized and compatible system is designed, database specifications will be codified using American Society for Automation in Pharmacy standards for electronic prescription formatting.

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