Office of National Drug Control Policy

National Drug Control Strategy (NDCS) Data Supplement

The Data Supplement is a companion to the National Drug Control Strategy (NDCS).  It contains up-to-date information on the availability and prevalence of illegal drugs and the criminal, health, and social consequences of their use. The Supplement  is vital to informing the NDCS. 

 Data on the following topics are included for the United States:

  • Drug Use
  • Drug Use Consequences
  • Drug Treatment
  • Drug User Expenditures and Availability

 In addition, available data on some drug indicators are included at the following geographic levels:

  • States
  • Selected Metropolitan or County areas
  • Other countries.

 The National Drug Control Strategy Data Supplement 2010

Entire Report in PDF(2.2 mb)

Table of Contents

  1. Message from the Director(PDF 421 kb)
  2. Introduction and Legislative History(PDF 47 kb)
  3. Improving Federal Drug-Related Data Systems(PDF 49 kb)
  4. Description of Data Sources(PDF 110 kb)
  5. List of Tables Data-Related Tables(PDF 1.2 mb)
  6. Acronyms(PDF 40 kb)

Archived versions of the NDCS Data Supplement