Office of National Drug Control Policy

Promising Practices Toolkit

Created by the Interagency DEC Task Force, the Promising Practices toolkit provides guidance and resources to professionals to aid in identifying, responding to, and serving drug endangered children. For each of these actions, the toolkit includes information on:

  • Recommended practices and why they are working;
  • Supporting evidence on why the practice works; and
  • Recommendations for how to get started, such as checklists, Web sites and other resources to assist with implementation of the practices within communities.

The toolkit is organized in three categories

  • Awareness – In order to create awareness, all sectors of the community must partner together, including law enforcement, medical professionals, child welfare workers, schools, and other community or civic groups.
  • Collaboration – Collaboration is best established through a multi-disciplinary team approach that brings together all sectors of the community.
  • Response – Providing law enforcement and first responders with the tools that will ensure the safety of children is essential.

Read the full Promising Practices Toolkit (PDF)

Order a Promising Practices CD-ROM – This CD-ROM is an easy-to-use collection of video clips, presentations, first responder checklists, recommended readings, and web links to help communities learn more about what is working, why it works, and how to start meeting the needs of drug endangered children.  To obtain copies of the CD-ROM call the COPS Office Response Center at 800.421.6770 or order on-line through the COPS Office Resource Information Center.  The CD-ROM is free and there is no charge for shipping.

Checklists and Reports

Use these checklists and reports as guides to ensure a coordinated response to a child victim identified in a drug related environment.  For easy use in the field, some of these documents are available in a mobile version that is easily accessible by mobile devices.

Additional Toolkits