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  • "A Child's Eye View of Parent Methamphetamine Abuse: Implications for Helping Foster Families to Succeed." Haight, W., T. Ostler, J. Black, K. Sheridan, and L. Kingery. Children and Youth Services Review 29 no. 1 (2007): 1–15.
    This study focuses on the experiences and perspectives of young children involved in the child welfare system as a result of their parents' methamphetamine abuse. It also discusses the importance of providing foster families with support and information about the circumstances that the children come from, as well as understanding the way the children see the situation.
  • "Behavioral and Emotional Adjustment of School-Aged Children from Methamphetamine-Producing Homes: A Rural Tennessee Sample." Asanbe, C.B., C. Hall, and C. Bolden. Journal of Public Child Welfare 2 no. 3 (2008): 275–292.
    This study examines whether children from methamphetamine-producing homes are at increased risk of developing psychological adjustment issues.
  • "Caregiver Substance Use and Trauma Exposure in Young Children." Sprang, G., J. Clark, and M. Staton-Tindall. Families in Society 91 no. 4 (2010): 401–407.
    This study examines the experiences of children who live in homes with caregivers who use methamphetamine, children who live in homes with caregivers who use other drugs, and children who live in drug-free homes.
  • "Health and Psychiatric Issues in Children of Rural Methamphetamine Abusers and Manufacturers." Black, J., W. Haight, and T. Ostler. Psychiatric Times 23 no. 14 (2006): 18–19.
    This article highlights the health and safety consequences suffered by the children of methamphetamine abusers. It also discusses treatment challenges and clinical implications, and calls for a multidisciplinary approach.
  • "Health Effects from Reported Exposure to Methamphetamine Labs: A Poison Control-Based Study." Trasher, D.L., K. Von Derau, and J.L. Burgess. Journal of Medical Toxicology 5 no. 4 (2009): 200–204.
    This study examines the health effects caused by exposure to methamphetamine labs.
  • Research Overview: Methamphetamine Production, Precursor Chemicals, and Child Endangerment. Colby, Phillips. New Mexico Sentencing Commission. Albuquerque, New Mexico (2004).
    This article summarizes issues faced by drug endangered children due to their exposure to the toxic chemicals needed for and resulting from production of methamphetamine.
  • "Trauma Exposure and the Drug Endangered Child." Sprang, G., M. Staton-Tindall, and J. Clark. Journal of Traumatic Stress 21 (2008): 333–339.
    This study examines the differences in trauma exposure between drug endangered children and non-drug endangered children in the social welfare system.

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