Office of National Drug Control Policy

Recovery in the National Drug Control Strategy

Action Items

Supporting recovery is a significant focus of the Administration's national drug policy and is a number of action items for the Federal government are outlined in the National Drug Control Strategy (NDCS), including:

  • Expand the SAMHSA Access to Recovery program
  • Review laws and regulations that impede recovery from addiction
  • Foster the expansion of community-based recovery support programs, including recovery schools, peer-led programs, mutual help groups, and recovery support centers
  • Deliver quality recovery support services to veterans and military families

Supporting Recovery from Addiction

ONDCP is also working with Federal agencies, states, tribes, local governments, and a wide range of organizations to develop policies and services that effectively support recovery in the community.  To celebrate and support recovery from addiction, ONDCP is:

  • Celebrating recovery by participating in recovery rallies and other recovery month events and by speaking at meetings and conferences and developing newsletter articles and other written or recorded materials;
  • Developing a national plan for promoting and supporting the adoption of the Recovery-Oriented Systems of Care (ROSC) approach by states, tribes and local governments;
  • Supporting ROSC implementation in up to three geographic areas through partnership with states, tribes, local governments, Federal partners, and other key stakeholders;
  • Identifying and addressing regulatory, policy and practice barriers to recovery;
  • Encouraging research to develop measures of recovery, and to identify effective approaches to supporting recovery.
  • Exploring ways to engage the recovery community in prevention and drugged driving activities;
  • Working with Federal agencies and other stakeholders to support recovery-oriented approaches in drug courts and in supporting addicted offenders when they are released from prison or jail; and
  • Supporting the planning for National Recovery Month and participating in key Recovery Month Events.

Raising Awareness of Recovery - How You Can Get Involved

  • Recovery Month: ONDCP participates in the planning for National Recovery Month, which takes place every September. We sponsor, lead, and participate in numerous events, such as marches, rallies, runs, bicycle rides, motorcycle rallies, picnics, and speaking engagements. You can too! To find events near you or to sponsor one check the Recovery Month website..
  • Join or start a local recovery community organization (RCO). An RCO is an independent, non-profitorganization led and governed by people in recovery and their allies. RCOs rely heavily on volunteers. They educate the community, provide services to people in the early stages of recovery, and advocate for policies that are supportive of recovery.
  • Join a national organization which supports recovery-oriented policies and programs.
  • Checkout the 2011 Rally for Recovery! online. If in recovery, add your years to the running total. Last year, well over 2,000 years of recovery were logged. You don’t need to be in recovery to play a role. In September 2010, ONDCP Director R. Gil Kerlikowske  joined 11,000 recovery supporters in the national recovery rally, Recovery Walks! 2010, which took place in Philadelphia (pictured).
  • See the President’s 2010 National Drug and Alcohol Recovery Month proclamation.