Office of National Drug Control Policy

Training and Technical Assistance for Current Grantees and Potential Applicants

Training and Technical Assistance for DFC Grantees and Potential Applicants

Mandatory New Grantee Meeting (For Year 1, Year 6 and New DFC Mentoring Grantees only)

In December of each year, all new grantees (Years 1, 6 and Mentoring) must attend the New Grantee Meeting.  This meeting is typically held in the first full week of December of each year (Monday-Wednesday).  Each funded coalition will need to send two people for this training.  We encourage you to send the individual responsible for daily oversight of the funded coalition and for the other person to be the individual responsible for the fiscal management of the grant.

National Coalition Academy (Mandatory for all Year 1 grantees; open to any coalitiion in the US)

All Year 1 DFC grantees are required to attend the National Coalition Academy (NCA).  The NCA is a three-week long training course spread out over several months.  During these three weeks, coalitions will be engaged in what we consider "basic training".  The NCA will provide your coalition with the fundamentals necessary to start off your DFC experience on the right foot.  This training is also open on a space-available basis to Year 6 grantees that have new staff or volunteer leadership who could benefit from this training.

As soon as you receive notice that you have been awarded the DFC grant, go to this link to register:  If you have specific questions, contact CADCA's National Coalition Institute at 800-542-2322, ext. 225.  Coalitions should plan to send two individuals to each of the three weeks.  One person must remain the same, but the second person can change, based upon material being presented and availability of individuals.  We highly recommend bring coalitions volunteers and not just paid staff to the NCA

Fiscal and Administrative Training (for current grantees only)

SAMHSA's Division of Grants Management, where DFC's Grants Management Specialists are housed, provided a Fiscal and Administrative Training for new DFC grantees on October 5. These materials will help fiscal managers for DFC grantees learn more about how to draw down Federal funds and meet other requirements of the DFC program. You can always call your Grants Management Specialist if you have questions.

The following materials were provided during this training:

DFC National Evaluation Team at ICF International

If you are a current DFC grantee needing assistance with a survey review or simply want more information about the DFC National Cross-site Evaluation, the core measures and use of data, contact the DFC National Evaluation Team at ICF International.

Hotline:  877-854-0731
Available: 9am-6pm Eastern Time, Monday-Friday except Federal holidays

COMET Technical Assistance

If you need technical assistance while on the Coalition Online Management and Evaluation Tool (COMET), contact DITIC Support.

To access COMET, go to:
Hotline:  888-DITIC-4-U
Available:  9am-8pm Eastern Time

Community Anti-Drug Coalitions of America's National Coalition Institute

If your coalition needs general technical assistance about coalition management and function, contact the National Coalition Institute's Technical Assistance Manager. For more information on the National Coalition Academy, a requirement for all Year 1 grantees, contact CADCA at the number below.

Technical Assistance Manager:  800-54-CADCA, ext. 240 or email:
National Coalition Academy:  800-54-CADCA, ext. 225 or email:


DFC Workstation

If you need assistance logging into or loading in your coalition's contact information (see your Terms & Conditions for more information), contact the TA provider at Community Systems Group at the number or email address below.

For technical assistance email or call 877-DFC-5505