Department of Defense

Networking and Knowledge for Military Scientists


The Challenge

The rapidly evolving online landscape is changing how we communicate, learn, and maintain awareness of our social networks and the world around us. These systems have redefined how a whole generation interacts and relates to one another. Many government organizations are moving to capitalize on this revolution to enhance transparency, collaboration, and responsiveness. This is just the beginning of a change that will increasingly enable synergy across government agencies and between the public and private sectors.

Recognizing these opportunities, the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) has developed, in collaboration with private industry, a unique and powerful online system called Aristotle that provides a breakthrough in transparency and collaboration for DOD workers. Aristotle augments individual and group decision making and enhances the ability of scientists and technologists to support their customers.

The Solution

Aristotle is a social networking system that provides government and contractor personnel with transparent, but appropriate, access to information regarding tens of thousands of science and technology projects, topics of interest, and collegial networks. Aristotle provides an interactive digital workspace where users can explore, understand, visualize, and contribute to information about - and linkages between - people, projects, topics and documents. This allows scientists, engineers, technologists and other users to perform better as individuals and in teams.

The Benefit

Ultimately Aristotle will reduce project risks and improve efficiency through increased transparency and collaboration, saving the nation time, money, and perhaps even lives.

Additional Details

Since its launch in the fall of 2008 at the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL), Version 1.0 of Aristotle has allowed thousands of users to find, tag, and enhance information about personnel; projects and topics related to research and published documents. This summer, Version 2 of Aristotle will be deployed across all DOD services for a potential user-base of more than 200,000 personnel in the uniformed military, civilian government, and contractor communities.

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