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The Challenge

The National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) needed a place online where the general public, experienced researchers, and NARA staff could share their knowledge of the Archives with others.

The Solution

The OurArchives wiki provides a space for the public, researchers and staff to share stories, expertise, and informal advice about the Archives.  (A wiki is a group of web pages that can be edited and linked together. Wikis allow multiple people to write, edit, and discuss a page.)

The Benefit

This wiki is an informal environment that captures the knowledge and expertise of our researchers and staff. It is a place where the public and the staff can work together on shared interests related to the Archives.

Additional Details

OurArchives wiki currently has more than 200 members, with 15 new members in the last month.  In addition to the United States, our members come from the Ukraine, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Russia, Germany, China, and Japan. There have been about 45,000 views and 1,500 edits to the wiki.  Some of our future plans include hosting meet-ups for wiki members.  

For more information, email OurArchiveswiki@nara.gov