Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs and Environmental Protection Agency

An online forum allowing citizens to explore new innovative features proposed for Since 2003, has enabled millions of citizens to search, view and comment on federal regulations. Now with Exchange, the public can post opinions directly on the site, helping to shape the future of


The Challenge

Every member of the public is touched by federal rules and regulations that have a real impact on their lives, such as regulations on the quality of their drinking water; the safety of their food; and the lead content in their children’s toys. is the primary resource for citizens to access, view and comment on these rules. The challenge is to engage millions of people in an interactive discussion to understand their needs and expectations and meet those needs through future releases of

The Solution Exchange was developed so all visitors can explore proposed new changes to and post suggestions. It not only obtains feedback but creates an open dialogue among users. Exchange promotes public involvement and uses new technology to enhance the transparency of government decision-making.

The site enables visitors to:

  • Register and track discussion topics
  • Rate features using a five-star system
  • Join the discussion by posting opinions and ideas
  • Export data and content
  • Share discussion topics with others using social bookmarking tools

The Benefit

Citizens can share ideas and participate in group discussions without boundaries, shaping and improving Your participation is democracy in action—it is participating and influencing the day-to-day business of the federal government.

Additional Details

  • In 2008, received more than 110 million hits and 580,000 comments on new or existing regulations. It supports more than 160 federal entities that account for 90 percent of all federal rulemaking production.
  • On average, Federal agencies, departments and commissions issue 8,000 regulations annually.

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