Submitting an Open Government Innovation

To have your innovation featured in the Innovation Gallery, please send the following to

  1. Project Name
  2. Sponsoring Agency
  3. Open Government Category: Transparency, Participation, or Collaboration
  4. A one-page project description based on the template below
  5. A tagline of no more than 80 characters (e.g. Better Information for Better Patents)
  6. A short video of the innovator introducing his/her innovation
  7. A screen shot (and logo/graphic if possible) to be used as a thumbnail
  8. Link to the Innovation Home Page
  9. Generic email address (e.g.
  10. A communications contact for press releases and inquiries
  11. Confirmation that all of the above has been approved by the appropriate agency leadership


  1. First line of the newspaper story that captures what is unique about this innovation. Published above the video/screenshot, this should give visitors a snapshot of what your project is and why they should care. The goal is to grab their attention.
  2. The Challenge. Explain the problem your innovation solves.
  3. The Solution. Explain how your innovation solves that problem.
  4. The Benefit. What is the positive impact?
  5. Additional Details. Share metrics of success, challenges faced, and/or plans for the future.
  6. For more information, email


  • Length: No more than 2 minutes. The shorter the better.
  • Content: Start by drafting a script.
    • The voice can be informal and conversational.
    • Use the project description (above) as a guideline.
    • Be sure to tell us why your innovation is important, new, and exciting! Provide a concrete example of how your innovation has made an impact on the world.
    • Don’t be afraid to discuss the challenges you faced. These insights will be invaluable for other agencies following in your footsteps.
    • Don’t forget to tell the audience who you are: name, title, and org in the video
  • Important Tips:
    • Recruit someone who is comfortable speaking on camera.
    • Direct participant(s) to look directly at the camera when speaking.
    • Show & Tell: Cut to screenshot when describing the tool.
  • Video Format: Any (will be hosted on You Tube).
  • Transcript: Please submit a complete transcript to enable closed captions.
  • Examples: In addition to the videos already posted on the Innovation Gallery, check out the following links, which were suggested by White House New Media as examples of simple, yet successful, videos from the transition: