Wikified Army Field Guide

U.S. Army, Department of Defense

Soldiers collaboratively update Army Doctrine from the field

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The Challenge

Army Field Manuals (or “Army Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures”) instruct Soldiers on all aspects of Army life. As the battlefield changes rapidly, the field manuals must keep pace. Under the traditional process – in which a select few were charged with drafting and updating the field manuals– the manuals often failed to reflect the latest knowledge of Soldiers on the ground.

The Solution

Using the same free software behind Wikipedia, the Army’s “wikified” field manuals invite military personnel– from the privates to the generals - to collaboratively update the Army Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures in real time. In so doing, the Army provides a secure means for battle-tested Soldiers to share their experience and advice from the field.

The Benefit

Wikified Army Field Manuals ensure that the men and women who serve our nation have access to the best possible information when they need it.

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